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Bicycle Boogie

Sunday, 05 April 2009


I remember riding into W├╝rzburg one warm day along a path beside the Main. I was feeling good and enjoying myself so I started making up a song as I rode. The song was about riding like a madman through the dancing shadows of rustling chestnut leaves.

So I put the song on tape. It was back in the day. I was just using the mic-in on my noisy G4 to get my audio into a mixing environment. It was tons of fun to make. It was also a technical disaster.

My good friend and I recently did our best to revive the thing. We replaced the General Midi drum kit I had used and a few other tracks but the vocals and most other stuff is original. We remixed it and polished it up as best we could and I think it turned out surprisingly well considering the mess of poorly recoded and sloppily performed tracks we were dealing with.

So here it is.

Bicycle Boogie